Lifelong Athletic Development

We believe in extending athletic potential throughout life. Our programs enhance strength, mobility, and endurance, enabling athletes to excel at any age.

Community and Connection

A strong community enhances fitness success. Bolder Athlete builds connections through an interactive platform.

Sustainable Health and Resilience

Our approach integrates physical training with mental resilience, nutritional guidance, and recovery. This supports peak performance and long-term well-being.

Jason Grubb Founder, Bolder Athlete


Hello! I'm Jason Grubb, founder of Bolder Athlete and a proud four-time CrossFit Games and four-time Legends champion. My journey into fitness started from a personal quest to enhance my health for my family and myself. This passion blossomed into a mission to empower others to discover their genetic potential, regardless of their age.

Despite being an accomplished athlete now, my early days were filled with challenges—struggling with weight issues and battling low energy. It was that transformative first CrossFit experience that sparked a change in me, showing the immense potential for growth and strength at any age.

Now, at 48, I am in the peak shape of my life and I’ve channeled my experiences into creating Bolder Athlete. This platform isn’t just another training program—it’s a response to the shortcomings I encountered in other programs that often overlooked the unique needs of Masters Athletes.

After experiencing injuries and the pitfalls of overtraining, I adapted and innovated to develop a system tailored specifically for us, the mature athletes.

Bolder Athlete is here to offer detailed, considerate programming and a supportive community to help you achieve your goals and embrace the best version of yourself. The name 'Bolder' reflects our ethos: we're not just getting older, we're becoming bolder, embracing a life of strength and vitality.

Let’s grow bolder together!


At Bolder Athlete, our training philosophy elevates the customization of fitness regimes, ensuring that our workouts cater specifically to the varying physiological and psychological needs of Masters Athletes across different age divisions. We recognize that each athlete possesses a unique blend of strengths and limitations influenced by age-related changes in physiology — including heart and lung function, capillary health, muscle integrity, cellular activity, digestive efficiency, and hormonal balance.

To optimize performance, our programming enhances strength, flexibility, and endurance while meticulously addressing these physiological aspects. However, the Bolder Athlete approach goes beyond the physical. We equally prioritize the psychological dimensions of training — from self-awareness and self-efficacy to pacing, perception of effort, and motivation. Our training designs also focus on refining movement smoothness and bolstering the will to succeed, crucial factors that transform physical potential into actual performance.

Understanding that an athlete straddles the continuum between physiology (the hardware) and psychology (the software), we develop training that effectively marries these aspects. This integration ensures that the often unsustainable rigors of competitive CrossFit become sustainable, allowing our athletes to display extraordinary resilience and robustness in both training and competition. By building strong physiological foundations and enhancing psychological resilience, Bolder Athlete empowers members to succeed and excel in the sport of CrossFit, making what seems unsustainable appear effortlessly sustainable.

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