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Bolder, Better, Stronger – Let's Win Together! 🏋️‍♀️💪

Here's the deal: We're giving a crisp $50 bill - not a check or voucher, but real, tangible cash - to each and every Masters Athlete who wins an event at the Games. The catch? There isn't one!

Each win doesn't just earn you the pride of victory and the roar of the crowd. With us, it also gets you a cool fifty bucks. 

Many of our fellow Masters Athletes have shown a heartwarming eagerness to donate their winning event prizes. If you're inspired by their generosity, we're presenting an opportunity to make your wins count in more ways than one. We've partnered with the Dancer Love Foundation. Empowering through fitness and love, this cause is close to our hearts and was started by our very own Sam Dancer! 

Whether you're donating or collecting $50 for your wins, join us for camaraderie and celebration.

Our celebration has a new location and an incredible opportunity. We're bringing the party right to the heart of the action - the Grubb RV in the campground (right behind the Mayhem workout area) for a couple of gatherings that promises to be all kinds of fun. Mark these times:

Friday at 4:00PM
Saturday at 11:00AM

But wait, we hear you asking, "Do I need to be a Bolder Athlete to sign up?" Absolutely not! This program is open to all Masters Athletes at the Games. No catches, no gimmicks, no obligations whatsoever. Just sign up, compete, and let's celebrate your wins together.

Stay bold, stay strong, and let's win together!

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