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🏋️‍♂️ Gear Up for Greatness: Your Home Gym Essentials

As a CrossFit athlete, your home gym is your sanctuary. It's where you forge not just muscles, but character, discipline, and resilience. Here's the ultimate guide to building your home gym with equipment that's been battle-tested on my own competitive CrossFit journey.

Essential Machines for Endurance and Stamina

Cardiovascular fitness is non-negotiable in CrossFit. Equip your space with machines that offer unparalleled workouts:

  • C2 Bike Erg - Perfect for low-impact, high-intensity workouts, the C2 Bike Erg simulates outdoor cycling experience and is ideal for interval training.
  • C2 Ski Erg - This machine targets the upper body and core, simulating the movement of cross-country skiing. Great for building strength and endurance.
  • C2 Rower - A staple in CrossFit, the C2 Rower offers a full-body workout, enhancing both your strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Echo Bike - Known for its durability and resistance, the Echo Bike is excellent for building explosive power and stamina.

Lifting Gear for Strength and Power

  • Ohio Bar - A versatile barbell perfect for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, offering a balance of whip and rigidity.
  • Oly Bar - Specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting, this bar features a smooth spin and a refined knurl pattern for a secure grip.
  • Bumper Plates (Hi Temp) - Durable and ideal for high-rep workouts, these plates are made to withstand drops and help protect your flooring.
  • Bumper Plates (HG 2.0) - These plates offer a low bounce and are perfect for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.
  • Iron Plates - Classic and reliable, these iron plates are great for strength training and powerlifting.
  • Change Plates - Essential for fine-tuning your lifting weight, allowing for incremental progress in strength training.
  • Squat Stand - Sturdy and space-efficient, perfect for squats and bench presses in a home gym setting.
  • Oly Platform - Provides a solid, stable surface for Olympic weightlifting and helps protect your floor.
  • Jerk Blocks - Great for practicing Olympic lifts like the clean and jerk, allowing you to start from different heights.
  • Flat Bench - A gym essential for bench press and other flat bench exercises, built for stability and durability.
  • Adjustable Bench 3.0 - Offers versatility with different angles for a variety of exercises, including incline and decline bench presses.
  • Squat Stand (With Pull-Up Bar) - Combines the functionality of a squat stand with a pull-up bar, maximizing the utility of your space.
  • Storage Rack - Keep your gym organized and your equipment easily accessible with this sturdy storage solution.
  • Magnetic Barbell Collars - Secure your plates in place during lifts with these strong and easy-to-use collars.
  • Chalk Bag - Essential for grip during heavy lifts, this chalk bag ensures you have chalk handy when you need it.

Conditioning Equipment

  • Plyo Box 24/20 - A versatile tool for plyometric exercises, essential for building explosive strength and improving cardiovascular fitness.
  • Padded Plyo Box 24/20 - Offers a softer landing surface, reducing the risk of injury during high-intensity plyometric workouts.
  • Medballs 20# & 30# - Ideal for functional training, these medicine balls enhance core strength, coordination, and endurance.
  • D-Balls - Heavier and more challenging, D-Balls are perfect for advanced athletes looking to push their limits in strength and conditioning.
  • Kettlebell Set - A must-have for any CrossFit athlete, kettlebells are great for building strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Dumbbell Set - Essential for a wide range of exercises, dumbbells are key for targeted muscle training and functional movements.
  • Sandbags 100/150/200 - Excellent for building functional strength and endurance, these sandbags add a challenging and dynamic aspect to workouts.
  • Sandbag 2.0 - The updated version offers enhanced durability and is perfect for unconventional strength training exercises.
  • Rucker - Ideal for ruck marches and weighted cardio, this backpack is designed for comfort and durability under load.
  • Weight Vest - Adds resistance to workouts, excellent for enhancing strength and endurance, especially in bodyweight exercises.
  • Dog Sled - A versatile sled for push, pull, and drag exercises, perfect for building power and functional strength.
  • Butcher V2 Sled - Known for its robust design, this sled is great for heavy sled pushes and pulls, building both strength and stamina.
  • Gym Timer - A crucial tool for timing workouts, intervals, and rest periods, keeping your training sessions precise and effective.

Gymnastics Gear

  • Garage Pull-Up System - A compact and sturdy pull-up bar, essential for upper body strength workouts and gymnastic exercises.
  • Wood Rings - Perfect for ring dips, muscle-ups, and various bodyweight exercises, these rings add a challenging instability element.
  • Rapid Rings - Easy to set up and adjust, these rings are great for quick transitions between exercises.
  • Climbing Ropes - Climbing ropes are excellent for building grip strength, upper body strength, and overall endurance.
  • Peg Board - A challenging tool for developing upper body strength and coordination, essential for advanced gymnastic training.
  • Parallette Set - Ideal for L-sits, handstands, and push-up variations, these parallettes are key for core and arm strength.
  • Abmat - Supports the lower back during sit-ups and core exercises, enhancing comfort and effectiveness.
  • Wise Crack Abmat - Provides additional tailbone protection during high-rep ab workouts.
  • Crash Mat - Essential for safety during high-impact exercises and gymnastic movements.
  • Abram GHD 2.0 - A versatile piece of equipment for developing posterior chain strength, crucial for overall athletic performance.

Warm Up

  • Foam Roller - Ideal for self-myofascial release, helping to loosen tight muscles and improve mobility before workouts.
  • Vibrating Foam Roller - Combines vibration therapy with traditional foam rolling techniques for a deeper muscle treatment.
  • Hypersphere - A compact, vibrating massage ball, perfect for targeting specific muscle groups and trigger points.
  • Lower Back Heat/Massage - Provides targeted heat and massage therapy to the lower back, aiding in warm-up and recovery.
  • Crossover Symmetry (Save 10%) - A shoulder conditioning system that enhances mobility and strength, crucial for injury prevention.
  • Massage Gun - Offers deep tissue massage to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery, essential for daily training.


  • Normatec Compression Legs - Uses dynamic air compression to enhance blood flow and speed up muscle recovery.
  • IceBarrel (Save $100) - A convenient and effective way to incorporate cold therapy into your recovery routine, aiding in inflammation reduction and recovery speed.

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