The Science and Benefits of Eccentric Pause Squats in the Bolder Athlete Program

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The Science and Benefits of Eccentric Pause Squats in the Bolder Athlete Program

When it comes to building strength and resilience, the Bolder Athlete program takes a scientific approach. One exercise that stands out in our regimen is the Eccentric Pause Squat. Far from being a trendy workout fad, this squat variation offers a host of benefits designed to improve your performance. Here's why we include Eccentric Pause Squats in the Bolder Athlete program.

Understanding Eccentric Pause Squats

Eccentric Pause Squats involve a slow lowering phase (the eccentric part), followed by a brief pause at the bottom before rising back up. This technique offers several advantages over traditional squats.

Five Key Benefits of Eccentric Pause Squats

  • Time Under Tension: The slow eccentric phase and pause at the bottom increase the time your muscles spend under tension. This is crucial for maximizing hypertrophic gains.
  • Pure Power: The pause eliminates the stretch reflex, placing all the lifting work squarely on your muscles. This enhances your raw power and strength.
  • Technique Precision: The pause phase mandates control and alignment, leading to safer and more effective lifts.
  • Joint Health: The full range of motion in Eccentric Pause Squats contributes to better joint health and flexibility.
  • Mental Fortitude: The discipline required to maintain form and hold the pause builds mental resilience, a key attribute for any athlete.

Why Eccentric Pause Squats are Integral to the Bolder Athlete Program

The Bolder Athlete program, created by four-time CrossFit Games Masters Champion Jason Grubb, incorporates Eccentric Pause Squats as part of a scientifically designed approach to make you stronger and more resilient. These squats are not just another exercise; they are a calculated method for improving your overall squat performance and, by extension, your fitness level.

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you see Eccentric Pause Squats on your Bolder Athlete workout schedule, know that they are there for a reason. They are part of a comprehensive approach to improve your strength, power, technique, joint health, and mental resilience. Happy squatting!

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